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We are Seventhwave

We’ve changed our name to better illustrate the dynamic nature of our work nationwide. The Energy Center of Wisconsin is now Seventhwave. Read more.

Retaining data integrity and quality in market research

Are your surveys getting in the way of your data collection? Jeannette LeZaks, research analyst, provides insights from practitioners on how to get effective survey-based data collection amid the clutter. Read more.

New York PSC launches regulatory reform, cites Kihm/Graffy framework

The New York Public Service Commission issued a pathbreaking order in its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding, fundamentally steering utility regulation away from the century-old cost-based model. The Commission's innovation, which rewards utilities for creating value for customers, mirrors the analysis presented by Steve Kihm, our chief economist, and Arizona State University's Elisa Graffy in their recent Energy Law Journal article. Read more.

Leading the future of green building

Marge Anderson, executive vice-president, began her three-year team as chair of the USGBC Board on Jan. 1. “We are prepared to champion the inclusion of sustainable design and construction across industries, on large and small scales, in public and private spaces,” Anderson said in a press release. Read more.

Part of the net zero Walgreens team

With the help of sophisticated energy modeling, Illinois-based Walgreens found the solution to its net-zero formula by integrating two pieces of the energy use pie. Read the article in Net Zero Buildings.